Friday, January 7, 2011

Possible New Taylor Swift Songs About Jake Gyllenhaal

So I'm sure you all have already heard that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift broke up recently.
We're all thinking the same thing for sure: I can't wait for the song!! hahaha! So in honor of, I have with me a small compilation of possible Jake songs that Taylor Swift will end up writing.

First on the list! From Tumblr user justnithya, JAKE:



what a MISTAKE

i should have known that you would TAKE

my heart and let it BREAK


you were such a SNAKE

remember by the LAKE

when you didn’t get me a MILKSHAKE


you were such a FAKE

you can’t even BAKE



what a MISTAKE

i’ll hit you with a RAKE

i guess I couldn’t MAKE

you love me…………… :””(


Second, from, Left My Heart In A Coffee Cup:

You were twenty-nine, I was twenty.
That didn't stop us from getting hot and heavy.
(Not too heavy since I'm not Miley, y'all)
Maybe that was the problem after all.

You broke my heart and left it in a coffee cup.
Ohh yeah in a coffee cup.
I couldn't drink alcohol, so that was our only choice.
Now that you've dumped me, I found my voice.

The actress on 'Glee' introduced us in London.
And from the first moment, I was smitten.
We were so happy, what went wrong?
Was it my age? My looks? Anne's boobs? My song?


Don't think you're special, you Brokeback man.
I write about all my exes, It's the only thing I can
Do to make my heart feel better, in this cruel world.
Hopefully Lautner's available, to resuscitate this girl.

[Refrain X 2]

If you guys have any Jake songs you'd like to submit, feel free to email me at and I'll post it right away with the proper credits :3

To Taylor Swift: Looking forward to having your Jake song on the countdown! :D


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