Friday, January 7, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe and Miley Cyrus

Yes, I know this is a tad old but I feel like I really have to share it because
1. Quite a few people might not even know this happened, and
2. It's hella funny and I think that it's great to have someone's ego pushed down a peg or three.

The whole thing is actually pretty funny, and I just love listening to Daniel Radcliffe's voice and his accent, but the fun starts at 4:20. I'm not kidding or stoned or whatever you might think, the whole thing really starts at 4:20.

Basically, the story is that Daniel Radcliffe was on the phone with Ryan Seacrest on the air, and Ryan played a clip of when Miley Cyrus was his guest before saying that she heard from somewhere that Daniel Radcliffe had a little crush on her.

Daniel's response: "What's her name?"

Ah. Just priceless.


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