Friday, June 25, 2010

99.5RT Outing in Subic! (DAY 2)

Before we slept, Cleo and I agreed on setting an alarm for 8am so we could get to the beach early. After a while, though, I reset the alarm 'coz if I let it ring at 8, then the other girls would have had just 4 hours of sleep (bad Inka), so I slept and I still woke up pretty early (10am is early for me OKAY). I woke up to find our very own DJ David Ardiente (YEEAAHH!!) there, and that he had arrived at around 5am. Also, there was FOOD!!

Breakfast was an amazing fried rice, scrambled eggs, longganisa, and BACOOOONNNN (*happy dance*).

So we were just all chilling, especially when everyone woke up. And naturally since we were on vacation mode, it was beer for breakfast, too. We watched the game, too! Portugal vs. Korea DPA (Da People's Republic!), and freaked out with the score. 7-nil! I love football (and Cristiano Ronaldo, but that's a whole 'nother story).


After a while, though, some of us were beginning to get bored. So Da Kidd and Migz found a way, and not long after the Portuguese victory, we were all getting ready for the beach! The girls got their bikinis out, the boys were in their boardshorts, my dad got his bike out and rode all the way to the city (meh!), and Koji and Neil brought out camera gear! This was the day Cleo planned to get her sexy out and have a photoshoot.

We loaded up the vans with chips and soda ('coz alcohol wasn't allowed in the beach we were headed to), and off we went!

It was great at Camayan Beach. We got there at around 4something and really relaxed. Ron rented a ball and he and Logan played a bit of football. Neil, Koji, and Cleo walked the beach to find the perfect spot to shoot (sunset!)

Carrissa and I cutting in on Cleo getting her sexy out

The rest of us swam out into the water and dominated the raft they had anchored to the deep end of the safe zone. It was raining earlier in the day when we were at the house, but once we got to the beach, the skies cleared up just enough for us to have our fun. The sky was blue, the clouds were white (there was even a cloud formation that looked like a spine), and a jet was streaming through the air like it was helping make more white clouds. Gibb kept swimming back and forth in an effort to get the beer to us on the raft (SO SWEET). After a while, Sam swam back and joined Ron and Logan playing football. I heard she even grabbed at his shorts to try and stop from from scoring a goal. It worked.

Right before we left, a few of us gathered in the water and posed for a shot. Observe!

Gibb, Inka, Cleo, Sam, Neil, Koji

The day at the beach was perfect, but everyone couldn't wait 'til we got back to the house (especially Gibb, but that was because she really had to pee :3). I was pretty excited for dinner 'coz dinner last night was AMAZING, so I was pretty sure that dinner for our final night there would be MORE AMAZING. AND IT WAS!!

Sammy made KICKASS kimchi rice and I really couldn't help myself. I had to eat more than I could handle (as usual). We had Sam's rice, chop suey, liempo, and some of the fish that Koji and Neil caught the day before. After the mammoth dinner we all shared (and kept sharing..there was a LOT of food), Sam, Gibb, Cleo and I went upstairs to burn all the food we just ate (and by burn I mean just laze around and burp). Sam and Gibb were watching some Entertainment Tonight show, Cleo was reading a book, and I played around with Sam's iPhone.

Art by Inka on Sam's iPhone. Glow Draw! Woo!

Migz came upstairs to join us and we all just lounged around until we realized we had to go downstairs and clean up all the beer we bought (can't have them go to waste, you know!).

David proceeded to bring the antics up and started acting out skits, I gave Carrissa some dreadlocks, my dad kinda lost track of time and started talking about something that happened "last night" but actually happened just 2 hours before, and Gibb and I started making up this whole rumor about Migz just because he said he didn't like a certain band.

I was the last woman standing this time around (as opposed to yesterday where I was out way before midnight) and I slept like a log(filled with beer LOLz).

99.5RT Outing in Subic! (DAY 1)

I'm sure some of you noticed the lack of talk from RT from Monday-Wednesday hehe.
Well, what happened was...we went on vacation!

We didn't have one for quite some time, so this was such a break for all of us! I started packing everything on Sunday (I was so busy, I didn't even get to check my FACEBOOK. GASP. SIN!! lol) and we left early Monday morning. We all met up at the station and recorded last minute plugs and scripts. Everyone was on this strange natural high because we all rarely get to see each other everyday since our timeslots never allow it. The only people I see regularly are Carrissa, Sam and Gibb, Slyde, and Migz, since their slots sandwich mine, but the rest like The DK, Neil, David Ardiente, Koji, and Ron aren't always there.
If you were listening that Monday morning at around 10, you KNOW we were really freakin' excited for the trip 'coz while one Farmer was trying to talk and intro a song, we were all making noises like a bunch of monkeys at a zoo! It wasn't very nice of us, but we were all so happy...that and the kid needs to be broken in ;) hahaha! But no, he's cool.

We all left the station in 2 vans. The van I rode in had Da Kidd driving, Carrissa was in front 'coz she would get motion sickness (shhh don't tell her I told you), Sam, Gibb, and I sat in the second row, and Ron was in the backseat.

The other van had Neil driving (with his GPS! NUX!), Koji was in the front seat, then Marf, Cleo, Migz, and Slyde were in the back. My dad, Jeremiah Jr, and King DJ Logan rode in a separate car because they brought their mountain bikes.

Lunch time rolled in and we stopped by this place in Katipunan called "Countryside" and ATE ATE ATE. Then after that, well, we got to Subic! Well, what really happened was everyone kinda passed out due to severe food coma (YUM) and just kinda woke up when we got to Subic. I kind of remember a few people talking to me in the van, but I guess they realized I was asleep so they were just like, whatever (I sleep with my eyes open lol go figure).
Once we all got to the house, we ran like kids moving into a new home, trying to claim the best room/bed in the place. The girls got the master bed room because it had our own bathroom, and the men just kinda looked for their spots to settle in. Everyone still had food coma inertia so we all just kinda sat in our own corners and slept/stared at walls. That was at around 2:40 in the afternoon. After a few of us kinda "woke up", some left to go do the groceries. My dad and Logan stepped out to explore the terrain, and Koji and Neil left to go fishing. I got left behind 'coz someone had to watch the house and Marf and Cleo were still asleep.

I remember stepping out to read a little from this book I brought then thinking to myself about what the hell I would do if a monkey showed up and started throwing shit at me. That thought kind of discouraged me from going outside alone ('coz I really wouldn't be able to defend myself against a shit-flinging primate) and just stepped inside.

I was about to sleep when the grocery batch came back with boxes upon boxes of beer...and oh yeah, food, too. They had beer for all kinds of tastes, and food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I saw bacon (my mouth was kinda watering because I was telling them earlier about how I love breakfast food for dinner), I saw...well, that's all about I remember seeing, then I left, I don't remember what I did after that.

Oh yeah! I finally found kasama 'coz I really, really wanted to go outside. Sam, Gibb, and I were out on the bench drinking a few beers, then Carrissa joined us and time just went by until the evening dawned (ironic, yes?) and everyone started setting up for dinner.

Da Kidd was making nilaga, and Koji and Migz were getting the grill ready for some liempooo! Woo!

When everything was cooked, I brought out the bottle of tuyo flakes in olive oil I've been carrying around since my dad and I left home that morning to meet up with everyone at the station (I LOVE TUYO) and just slathered my rice in that awesome salt. Cleo and I cleaned out the bottle. Gibb helped, too. Now I realize that throughout the entire trip, I consistently ate for 3 people (three cups of rice for every meal, no fail--breakfast, lunch, and dinner). YUM.

After dinner, Ron brought out his laptop and started playing some of the best music on the planet (shameless plug there lulz) and we were all just super soundtripping. We took a few pictures, playing around with Neil's flash thing, and we ate some more. A little while later, some of the boys found an extra king-sized mattress and just laid it out in the sala in the middle of the two couches. It was right in front of the TV.

I passed out at around 11 'coz I was so tired, but I could still hear them laughing downstairs. I had a pretty good sleep, too. It felt like a really, really slow Sunday. I loved it!

**insert first night picture here(still don't have 'em so BRB on that one LOLOLOL**


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