Monday, October 19, 2009

I support this!

Do you remember trick or treating when you were a kid? Candy and Costumes rock! I hate how nowadays....parties DO NOT require attendees to wear costumes.

This party I stumbled upon on facebook actually REQUIRES attendees to wear costumes...if not, they are charged Php50!

awesome I think ;)

The moral of story is..
1. GO to the party
2. WEAR a costume



Hello, My Loves!

Yes, I've been a very bad Radio Puppet Mistress, not updating her blogspot...tsktsktsk.

Been a very busy few weeks recently!

Let's see...well, I got the flu, and it sucked. Not fun being sick, so always drink your vitamins! And don't commute in the rain if you already feel like crap. Not wiiiiiiiise.

My friend came back from being a Marine! Well, it's his break, so he's here for a while, so he's having fun hahahah :D

Oh! We've got new stuff for you! :D Just you wait and's what's been keeping us busy most of the time. You'll hear it soon enough, and when you do, I'll be posting a few things that'll make you go, "Who the hell is that?" :))

Much love, my pretties! Keep voting ;)

And just so you guys know,

As of October 16, 2009, OWL CITY reigns the charts at number one, pushing DAVID COOK down to second place.