Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RT30 Featured Song: Brielle by Sky Sailing

Man! This guy totally sounds like Owl City!!

That is because he IS Owl City.

What does that mean?? :o

It's a side-project! The album was released a few months ago (I was watching him update his twitter per hour..the closer it got to the release, the more manic he got LOLz)

Check it out..this one's called Brielle :)

Adam Levine's Sexiness Cannot Be Displaced

...even if he is kinda freaked by a weird lady going up on stage to dance to their tunes.

it's around :50 that you'll see his face change..but it doesn't affect his RAWR-ness.

If it was me up there, I would have gotten a kiss from him first ;) *MELTS*

What the hell happened to her?

You all remember Cindy Lou Who from How The Grinch Stole Christmas?

How about Little Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl?

Her name is Taylor Momsen. She just turned 17 last July 26.

What the hell happened to her? Personally, I don't like Miley Cyrus much, but for sure, this girl is far worse than Miley. Miley's doing the whole "grown up", sexy thing, but Taylor Momsen's doing the whole "grown up", skanky thang! She constantly looks like a raccoon, her bewbs are hanging out all over the place, and she just looks like she's drugged up all the time. She now fronts the band The Pretty Reckless and the only thing I'm gonna give her is that she can sing.

Here's a video of her song "Miss Nothing". Throughout the video, she does the perfect impression of a drunk, possibly possessed worm. Please observe.

Celebs CAUGHT!! :o

There are many different ways to get caught, you know, and many different things to get caught for. Here are some of these red-handed celebrities!

THE CRIME: Tweeting someone else's number without their consent

Justin Bieber.
(this picture is from his CSI episode. You can relax)

So recently, the number of one 15-year-old Kevin Kristopik was exposed to more than 4.5million people via babyboy's twitter as revenge for allegedly hacking into one of The Bieb's friend's twitter accounts. He really can't go to jail for this or anything 'coz, well, he's still a baby, and second, criminal charges are going to be hard to pursue because all Kristopik had to do was close his twitter account and abandon his cellphone number. Not that hard. I should know since I lost my cellphone just a few weeks ago and it's hardly affecting me :p But no, really, all those teenage girls texting Kristopik so much that he had to change his number...it even sounds like Bieber did him a favor :3

THE CRIME: Possession of Cocaine with the intent to sell (heavyyy)

Natalie Mejia.

Okay, sounds like "criminal" is the more appropriate term for her than "culprit". She was apprehended back in March 9 when she was riding shotgun in her friend's car. The police pulled them over for speeding, and after the fuzz learned that her friend, Peter Ascencio's license was expired, they searched his car and found more than a dozen baggies of the white stuff in her Gucci purse. Until now, Mejia pleads innocent claiming that she doesn't know how the hell those baggies got in her purse. Now, I have lotsa stuff in my bag that I'm not quite sure where I got from or when I put them in there (like rubber bands for braces--I don't have braces), but I do know that they're there...and it's a BAG, like a Mary Poppins bag, not a tiny purse that can hide nothing when you open it. I can hide a freakin' watermelon in my bag (noticable, though, because of the weight, yes). But who knows? Maybe she really didn't know--her brain's probably clouded with all this white stuff.


(I absolutely hate calling them that)

There have been rumors going around for a while now that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are together, but they do such a good job keeping it under wraps. Save for the occasional slip from people on set and those Kings of Leon concert pictures, there really hasn't been any proof that they were dating...until now :3 This pap said that he' d been following these two around since Twilight started and he'd been waiting for the kiss to happen. I guess he was just in the right place at the right time! Yes, this really isn't a crime or anything (more like a crime of passion!! No? aww...), but like I said, there are many different things to get caught for, and now, here they are. These shots were taken at Montreal where Stewart is filming On The Road. Pattinson paid her a visit and they had some time together. Sweeeet :3