Friday, December 3, 2010

Okay, Miley, I know you're 18 but you gotta relax

The bottom two miley shots were taken from :)

So Miley Cyrus turned 18 a few days ago, so before anything else, let's honor her by posting a cheezy, glitterfont birthday greeting.

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I wonder what she's been doing since she turned 18?

So it's just been a few days and already, she's been seen with too little clothing. You might be thinking, "So what, Inka? Nothing new there!" but when I mean less, I don't just mean this

"I can't find it in here. I don't even know what this modesty is."

I mean, totally and utterly naked. There's a picture going around that's allegedly Miley in the buff inside her hotel room in Milan or something.

There's actually an entire debate about this shot. People are comparing this shot to other shots of herself in her hotel, claiming that, Oh this wall is in this picture so it's real, then another comes around saying that, Her "Just Breathe" tattoo isn't visible so it isn't her, and they also have a, It's-Miley-'coz-she's-naked-and-Miley's-really-like-that train of thought, too.

Do you think that she's pushing this whole adult thing a little too far? Or is it really even her?