Monday, February 8, 2010

Self-Love ♥

I believe that being annoyingly narcissistic is a little better than being crazy insecure...not that I think I'm god's gift to men or anything *rolleyes* teehee..


There's this 21-year-old girl from China whose ex-boyfriend was unhealthily obsessed with Jessica Alba, so much so that he'd make her do her make-up like Alba would, even in her sleep. He also bought her a blonde wig for christmas and asked her to wear it all the time.


When they were out one night, though, this girl (she calls herself Xiaoqing) noticed people pointing and laughing at her, so she ripped off the wig, pulled off her fake eyelashes, and threw them to the ground. Xiaoqing's Chinese features weren't enough for him so he left her. So heartbroken was she that she decided to undergo plastic surgery to look just like Jessica Alba (suggested by her friends--how smart!) just to win her douchebag boyfriend back.

Watch this :p

Tsk tsk tsk!