Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's A Wednesday!

Friday is 2 days away, and that means we have to get going and prepare everything!

This Friday's countdown is gonna be a bit challenging for me. Wooh!

Keep sending in those votes so I know what you wanna hear. There's a specific cutoff time for votes in a week, but just keep sending them in 'coz if you vote after cutoff time, then those votes will go into next week's charts.

"How do I vote?" you say??

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


This blog (look at the things to the right of the page)

if you have a facebook, join the group "RT30 Countdown with Inka"

follow me on Twitter and let's start a-tweetin'

and the yahoo messenger dwrt_fm





995rtyour message/vote/request and send to 2968

Come hither, marionettes, and let me tug on your heartstrings. ;)


Kelly Clarkson is INSANE!

She's getting like the bulk of the votes on here!!

But just so you guys know, you can vote for AS MANY SONGS AS YOU WANT. No limit!

You can also CHANGE YOUR VOTE if you want to.

Great job, marionettes ;)