Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's A Wednesday!

Friday is 2 days away, and that means we have to get going and prepare everything!

This Friday's countdown is gonna be a bit challenging for me. Wooh!

Keep sending in those votes so I know what you wanna hear. There's a specific cutoff time for votes in a week, but just keep sending them in 'coz if you vote after cutoff time, then those votes will go into next week's charts.

"How do I vote?" you say??

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


This blog (look at the things to the right of the page)

if you have a facebook, join the group "RT30 Countdown with Inka"

follow me on Twitter and let's start a-tweetin'

and the yahoo messenger dwrt_fm





995rtyour message/vote/request and send to 2968

Come hither, marionettes, and let me tug on your heartstrings. ;)

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