Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch Willow Whip Her Hair, and The Illuminati Takes Over The Industry

Remember that song I posted a while back from the Smith-ette? (yes, click on it, that's the post I'm talking about :p)

Well, here she is whipping her hair around like a cutiepie. She raps way better than her brother IMHO :p

Lots of people have been commenting on that video saying that the vid is laced with Freemason/Illuminati images. Can you spot them? Is it true that Oprah is their leader and Jay-Z and Beyonce are her lieutenants? Do you believe that heavy names of the music industry (Rihanna, Madonna, and Charice to name a few) are within the ranks of the Illuminati?



If you're curious, you can check the site theindustryexposed.com for a few stories. :p

I Smell Cookies...or the lack of cookies

It's easy to cheat on my poll...I just wish that people wouldn't LAWL.

Don't think I don't know what you're doing. Tsktsktsk! :))

I'm not gonna do anything about that part..instead, I'll tell you how to do exactly what they're doing:

"Clearing cookies allows you to vote over and over on this poll", according to one listener where I saw this thread :3

There you go...to even out the playing grounds, clearing the cookies will allow you to vote for your favorite songs over and over again.

Spread the word, other fanbases! Go wild LAWL