Monday, August 31, 2009

David Cook Number 1 on RT

"Cookistas at a David Cook Concert: North Dakota"

"David KNOWS where he is Number ONE"
If you want David Cook on TOP next week,
you can vote:
Vote via:
1. YM: dwrt_fm
2. HOTLINES: (02)633-0995; (02)7060940
3. TEXT LINE: type 995rtyour vote/request, send to 2968

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Posting the charts

Sorry my little marionettes of Music, but I must get my beauty rest. A weekend will give me all I need to make 3-6pm on radio sound how RT is awesome... squeaky voices....painful to the ears don't you think? ;)

I'll be putting up new polls for this week as stay tuned my little pretties. Your Muse for new Music is chilling to rock n roll. ;)