Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rhyming on the Rhythm

Come, my pretties, come to me
Radio isn't something you have to see.
Trust your ears and turn the knob
You want a girl who really knows her job.
Lovely eyes and shiny hair
A pretty face that'll make you stare
That's just fine, it's all great
But this is radio, for goodness' sake
You need the voice, and the attitude
Now I'm not saying this to be rude
But for real, I know my sh*t
And for all you guys, you know this is it
My name is Inka, and don't you forget
I'll make you feel things you won't ever regret
Honey and velvet will envelop your ears
It'll feel good, I promise, my dears.
Come hither, my loves, I'm here to please
New Music's on lockdown, but I have the keys
So prepare for greatness, get ready, get set
For after I'm done, you'll be my little marionette.

Recap of Last Week

Here you go, my lovelies!
Last Week’s Top 5 (August 21, 2009)

5. Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
4. The Killers – The World We Live In
3. Black Eyed Peas – I’ve Gotta Feeling
2. Cobra Starship & Leighton Meester – Good Girls Go Bad
1. David Cook – Bar-Ba-Sol

Drop Outs
30. Five For Fighting - Chances
28. Shinedown – Second Chance
27. Eminem – We Made You


August 28, 2009

TW   LW  DIF     Artist   Title
30    NE   --          Owl City   Fireflies
29    29    --          Sugababes   Teardrops
28    21    -7         Kaskade   Step One Two
27    NE   --          Phyllisia feat. Ne-yo   Sunshine
26    26    --          Lady Gaga   Love Game
25    25    --          Pearl Jam   The Fixer
24    23    -1         Rumble Strips   Not The Only Person
23    15    -8         U2   Magnificent
22    24    +2        Ne-yo   Empty Frames
21    22    +1        Sean Kingston   Fire Burning
20    18    -2         Jada   American Cowboy
19    14    -5         Asher Roth   I Love College
18    13    -5         Rudenko   Everybody
17    20    +3        Kings of Leon   Notion
16    16    --          Simple Plan   My Generation
15    19    +4        Marie Digby   Avalanche
14    11    -3         Jeremih   Birthday Sex
13    17    +4        Panic! at the Disco   New Perspective
12    10    -2         David Guetta f. Kelly Rowland   When Love Takes Over
11    HNE --         Bowling For Soup   My Wena
10    12    +2        Green Day   21 Guns
9      8      -1         Colbie Caillat   Falling For You
8      5      -3         Lady Gaga   Paparazzi
7      7      --          Boys Like Girls   Love Drunk
6      6      --          Madonna   Celebration
5      9      +4        Kelly Clarkson   Already Gone
4      4      --          The Killers   The World We Live In
3      2      -1         Cobra Starship and Leighton Meester   Good Girls Go Bad
2      3      +1        Black Eyed Peas   I’ve Gotta Feeling
1      1      --          David Cook   Bar-Ba-Sol

Patience, My Pretties

Just recovering from an AWESOME weekend. Brilliant show on Friday, smashing (or getting smashed with :>) friends on saturday, chill on sunday. It was a holiday today, people! My little marionettes of music must rest. It's a command..a very nice command ;)

Chats will be up in a bit, and the polls have been changed so keep voting.


You can vote for more than one song at a time.

Also, keep in mind that these online votes aren't the majority of the votes, so Miss Clarkson may be taking the lead here, but phone calls and yahoo messages and the votes on the facebook group might negate that ;)

Keep it coming, though! You make me feel good with the votes, I make you feel good by playing your music...it's a win-win situation ;)