Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rhyming on the Rhythm

Come, my pretties, come to me
Radio isn't something you have to see.
Trust your ears and turn the knob
You want a girl who really knows her job.
Lovely eyes and shiny hair
A pretty face that'll make you stare
That's just fine, it's all great
But this is radio, for goodness' sake
You need the voice, and the attitude
Now I'm not saying this to be rude
But for real, I know my sh*t
And for all you guys, you know this is it
My name is Inka, and don't you forget
I'll make you feel things you won't ever regret
Honey and velvet will envelop your ears
It'll feel good, I promise, my dears.
Come hither, my loves, I'm here to please
New Music's on lockdown, but I have the keys
So prepare for greatness, get ready, get set
For after I'm done, you'll be my little marionette.

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