Friday, November 27, 2009

Kelly Clarkson at the AMAs!

Tom Kaulitz almost brought to tears!


Guys, ...

... this is probably the most emotional video I’ve ever seen...I had to fight back my tears! ;-) "

This is what Tom Kaulitz was talking about! Check out their official website Tokio Hotel

Michael Jackson's first moonwalk in 1983

From Perez Hilton! the glove has been sold for a whopping $350,000.00! woah!

Kris Allen on Conan!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brick by Boring Brick Video! :D

Wow! Hayley looks awesome as a blonde :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sharing the Music in MY Life :D

I deal with music for a living and there's no doubt that I love the songs I play, but there's another side of my musicality that doesn't get a chance to show itself when I'm on the air.

Theatre! :D

Here's a little video shot almost two years ago by my brother (you can see him every now and then). My sister and I sang "For Good" from the Broadway musical "Wicked". Everything was recorded at our studio, AdFarm, by our dad (you'll see him, too).

Hope you like it! :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

What'choo say??

Verse 3 of Jason Derulo's Whatcha Say:

Girl, tell me whatcha said (said)
I don't want you to leave me
Though you caught me cheatin'
Tell me, tell me whatcha said (said)
I really need you in my life
Cuz things ain't right, girl
Tell me, tell me whatcha said (said)
I don't want you to leave me
Though you caught me cheatin'
Tell me, tell me whatcha said (said)
I really need you in my life
Cause things ain't right

I swear to GOD, I hate songs like this. The I-cheated-on-you-but-I-hope-you-can-forgive-me-because-I-love-you-so-much kinda song. If you loved the person so much, then you wouldn't cheat now would you? HA!

Stupid people.

In the words of Rihanna, "You're only sorry you got caught."

Seriously, think about it...people only cheat if they think they're not gonna get caught...ergo, they knew they were cheating...ergo they're lying when they say "I didn't mean to!" or "It just happened!"


Really, though, the song's pretty kewl :3

Before and After Accident

Bill Kaulitz before his accident:


Spunk Ransom!

So Spunk was On Air with Ryan Seacrest recently and when Ryan's (yes, first name basis :>) question danced around the idea of a Robsten (oh you know--Robert and Kristen), Robert Pattinson's publicist stopped the interview! Sheesh! He was there for barely 5 minutes and he was gone.

The nerve! :o

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love Halloween

This is what I was for Halloween...

I was a WITCH! :D

Naturally, every other day of the year, I'm in's only right that I be true to myself on Halloween! ;)

You all know this zombie as Jose, a.k.a. JJ Cool, a.k.a. Mr. Producer Man.

Oh! And guess

I met Billie!

I had NO idea the world was that small.
When I
asked Billie what her plans were for Halloween, I didn't at all think that she and I might actually be going to the same one! It was so funny. If that was a wedding we attended (the hosts of the Halloween party were good friends of my producer and mine--they're dating), Billie would sit at the bride's side, and Jose and I would have been sitting at the groom's.

The party was the best Halloween party I've ever attended (DEFINITELY better than last year--I had the flu). A lot of people attended, but what made it even better was that EVERYONE wore a costume! It was brilliant seeing characters like "The Grapist" (a lady with purple ballons all over her. Grapes), Anthony and Cleopatra (who were the night's h
osts), there was a crew member of the Enterprise, and we even had a terrorist and a counter-terrorist.

What took the cake, though, was another friend of ours, who arrived dressed as the God-king Xerxes. It was especially awesome because it was his birthday, too! was unanimous. Best. Costume. Ever. How are you gonna beat that?

Of course, there were a MILLION other awesome ones, too. Like there was someone who came in as someone from Slipknot...and he made the mask himself! There was someone dressed as a glass of milk (which I liked because I had never seen anyone dress as a beverage before), and there was a male-witch from Baguio who had a flashdisk attached to his broom. Oh boy...I tell you, the night had the makings of awesome.

Aaahhh, Halloween.

It's the only night when Xerxes will ever let his guard down and dance with the Wicked Witch of the South, the only night when there can be three Blues Brothers and one Blues Sister, where a female crew member of the Enterprise can hang out and drink with a Jersey Girl from the 80's, the only night where a male-witch and a beautiful woodland fae can kiss and see stars, and when Michael Jackson is actually there to dance a few of his songs!

Man...I love Halloween.



So, obviously, most of you have been infected by the spell of Jason Castro--former American Idol contestant who found his rightful place in the music industry thanks to his sweet voice and his insanely adorable everything (eyes, smile, nose, earlobe, whatever).

Here is the video of his single Let's Just Fall In Love Again, and under it, a link to the first webisode of That's What I'm Here For: The Road To The Debut Album

Not that I'm playing favorites...I'm just really starting to fill this blog with videos and things I like...I swear! :D


That's What I'm Here For: The Road To The Debut Album

rawr! :3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009