Saturday, December 18, 2010

The RH Bill: WHY IS THIS SO HARD? (That's what she said)

I'm just gonna talk outta my ass here, okay? Kinda busy now, but I really wanted to get this off my chest.

This may be a little crude when I say this, but which is the lesser of two evils? Fornicators or murderers?

The truth is, this country needs the RH Bill because there are too many people here who don't have jobs and have nothing else to do but bump uglies. Without condoms, they will do nothing else but make more children because a.) they're bored and sex is fun, and b.) the more children they have, the more chances one of them will become rich.


With more people in the country (born out of boredom), we're bound to have problems such as overpopulation and everything else that goes with it (higher unemployment rate, greater demand for dwindling supply, more unhygienic living spaces--that's what happens when you stuff a family of 8 in one room) apart from the disease that sex can spread. No matter what you say, no matter what you think, PEOPLE ARE HAVING SEX AND YOU CAN'T USE HELL TO SCARE THEM INTO STOPPING.

Now, the people who can no longer afford children but still screw their brains out every night CAN and DO get pregnant. So what do they do when they find out that they've got a bun in the oven?

Yes, they kill it. Why? They can't afford to have any more children so what else are they gonna do? Some take strong pills so the baby will just fall on its own while others go to some cheap-ass abortion clinic where it's unsanitary and dangerous because they can't afford the safer, cleaner clinics. Some women die from blood loss during these abortions, so not only does the baby die, but the mother as well.

From what I gather, the RH Bill will help educate people about sex, to let them know that this is what the hell you're doing and here are the steps to safe sex--not getting pregnant and not contracting AIDS. Instead of educating people, however, anti-RH Bill people are telling lies to brainwash the less-educated into saying NO to something that can help them and, in turn, help our country. They're claiming that there are studies that show a link between condom use and cancer, that condoms can cause strokes and heart attacks, and that condoms can cause AIDS--YEAH, if you turn the condom inside-out right before using it again! I wouldn't be surprised if people actually do that because, like I said, some people really , honestly DO NOT KNOW any better!

I talked to Little Lulu about that and you know what she had to say about it?

So now I read that according to a recent survey, 7 out of 10 Filipinos are in favor of the RH Bill (*). Hey that's great! Now what do they do about it? They're asking the people in charge of the surveys to STOP IT because they don't want the results to "influence the decisions of the lawmakers debating about the bill".



The government is for the people, so LET the surveys influence the decisions! Our country is OVERPOPULATED. There should be a choice! LET the bill pass, and THEN, if you so wish, CONTROL what the masses decide, but PLEASE make sure they are educated enough about the matter to KNOW that THEY HAVE A CHOICE.

So...Fornicators or Murderers?