Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alana: Banned From The Station. JUSTKIDDINGLOVEYEW ♥

A few months back when JJ and I were having a tricky time preparing for the show, we decided to open up our arms to interns. We got a few, but they didn't last long. Some of them had conflicting duties, some just weren't really into radio and didn't do so well.

Then came Alana.

Her school didn't require her to have hours done, so she came to us because she wanted to know what it would be like working in radio.

Alana was a breath of fresh air! The first few months she was there, you wouldn't believe how often JJ and I would say, "Thank GOD for Alana!" She's smart, funny, dependable, she takes instruction well, and she's just an all around AWESOME GIRL OH YEAH.

Alana was the first of our interns, and she's been with us for half a year already. She's been working hard and non-stop for free ham and cheese, and movie tickets (and experience, of course), and this summer, we're happy to let you have a nice long break.

She'll be back soon, but for now, work hard on your school stuff, have a blast this summer, and don't forget to drop by the station every now and then so we're still all complete. :D

We love you, Alana! We'll miss you for a few months! :D

-RT30 Team :)