Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey guys!

I see the Cbox is being used to its full potential LOL

You guys are sweet, really. I love it that you love the show :) I really honestly do it for you guys anyways :)

And if you don't, well, feel free to go elsewhere 'coz I'm not moving ;)
Also, I noticed an "Inka" post on the Cbox that wasn't me (I was actually wondering when that would happen since it's so easy to just put any random name on it and say a buncha crap), so from now on, I will no longer post on the chatbox. All replies to your chatbox messages will be posted as a blog entry. So if you see an "Inka" on the chatbox tomorrow or any day after, then that obviously won't be me.

Let them talk, guys, and I won't stop you from saying anything back to some of the haters that have nothing to do but word vomit all over the place. I'll just be here, playing you your music and posting stuff that I think would interest you :D


Inka ♥


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