Sunday, May 23, 2010


Don't get me wrong, I love Justin Bieber but not because of his music--because he's so adorable. He's like a little angel with perfect flippy hair and a castrated voice that makes catchy pop hits. An espresso shot for tweens!

He's the kinda guy whose cheeks I'd pinch the whole day, so when something like this happens, I love it! Again, not because I hate him or anything, but because when things like this happen, it makes me wanna just coo at him and shove a bottle in his mouth so I can burp him and he can take his afternoon nap.

Check this out:

If I was there when that happened, I probably would grab him and kiss his owie so he doesn't start tearing up.

I'm actually being honest. I REALLY think he's like a baby.


Even Katy Perry thinks so.

How 'bout you? :D

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