Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Cbox Replies!

Okay, you guys are getting funnier and funnier :3

To all the artists, you guys really make me laugh :))

Jake, you don't have to convince the LP fans to "add something about love" because, like I said, this is a countdown that's all about the votes. Their vote is Linkin Park, others may vote for Eminem, others may vote for Katy Perry, while your vote is David Archuleta. :) So it doesn't matter if they "don't want to add it because it will peak at number 1", what matters is that YOU and all the other Archie fans vote for him so he can reach number one :) It's about how many votes you can garner for his song. Also, if the song enters, it DOES mean that many people love David Archuleta...that IS what a countdown is after all ^.^

Joseph, if it peaks at number one, it DOESN'T necessarily mean that it "would have been included a long time ago". Charice's Pyramid debuted on the chart as hottest new entry at number 1, but it was just super new. If it debuts at number one, then it just means that alot of people voted for it :) If it peaks at number one, then that just means that's the highest position it was able to attain :)

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