Friday, July 15, 2011

What Can J.Bieber Do To Look Less Like A Lesbian?

First of all, YES, I got the picture from Perez Hilton. What? It isn't obvious enough for you? :p

No offense to any lesbians out there, but I really would understand if you get offended being compared to Justin Bieber.

Seriously, though, since this would be my first post after a long time, I wanted it to be worthwhile, so I thought, Hey! Why don't I call for the brainstorming session that will end up being responsible for the epic makeover that'll make The Biebs a legit-looking homosapien with the XY gene (as opposed to a homosexual with a really awkward piercing)?

And then BOOM. The post was made.

So tell me--what can Justin Bieber do to look more like a dude?

Post your comments and be heard!

Justine Bieber and Selena Gomez


Xave said...

a beard, but he's still gay though. lol

Anonymous said...

Wait 10 years, grow a beard and shave it down to look like he has about 2-3 days worth of growth. At this point his baby face isn't going to change how he looks!