Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HEY GAIZ!! Justin Bieber sorta-news!!

Oh WOW it's been a while, hasn't it? A good few months?

Yes, I've been infected by a cursed writer's block with a dash of laziness, of course. Something always has to have laziness.

So the past few months have been uneventful in my eyes, really, but lots of stuff happened too.
I hear Bieber's got a new haircut and there are groups against it, other people are saying he never should have touched his hair, and others approve of the new look. Meanwhile, others took the time to realize that they were actually talking about a boy's haircut and just did something a little bit more productive..like this:

Other than the haircut, he also started dating Selena Gomez!

And I heard that, and I'm not surprised, the Beliebers are causing another uproar! They hate Selena Gomez because Justin Bieber, their God, is dating her and not them. Tsk tsk tsk. Sending death threats, wishing her ill, calling her names..oh yeah, that'll totally get Justin's heart because he's into girls who are control freaks, basically women who won't let him live his life and do what/date who he wants to, and he LOVES women who have violent tendencies! Like when they saw a picture of him with Kim Kardashian and she started getting death threats, too.

I can just imagine how good he must feel having fans like that. I'm not generalizing, though, I'm sure there are lots of Beliebers who are happy for him and want him to just go on and live his life and are really ashamed of the war-freaks they associate with. Hehe.

Man, Justin is the luckiest guy ever. :)

Oh yes!! The start of a fruitful new era of posts!!

I love it.


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