Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taylor Momsen To Be Written Off Gossip Girl

You all know my fixation for little trouble child Taylor Momsen and how I find her so pathetic. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love her songs and I think she has a great voice, but if only she didn't really try so hard, I'd probably believe her more.

But I don't know, she probably really IS like that because everyone in her Gossip Girl cast says so. Even SHE said she didn't have any friends on the set, but she really doesn't have to worry anymore because Little Jenny Humphrey is being killed off the show.

Well, no, not really, but she'll be gone by the end of the season :p

Sources claim that "it has nothing to do with her bad behavior or her music career" and that it's because "they all graduated high school and it'll be hard to put all of them in the same environment in a natural way."

Sources confirm that the increasingly volatile actress - who has appeared in a grand total of three episodes this fall despite being listed as a series regular - will begin an indefinite hiatus following next Monday's episode. Although reps for The CW and producer Warner Bros. declined to comment, sources confirm that Momsen's Jenny will be MIA for at least four episodes beginning with the show's midseason finale on Dec. 6.

So basically, it IS because of her bad behavior :p Even Tim Gunn hates her!

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