Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Give Beyonce's Heat As A Gift This Christmas

Howlee crapola it's December!!

Time's fun when you're having flies, it seems! I feel like I just closed my eyes mid-June only to wake up the next day realizing that it's already the end of the year...

That doesn't make much sense, yes, but anyways.

I hate that I don't have a constant source of wifi. I can't post as often as I want to and I can't update anything as soon as I feel the need to! RARRR!! Note to self: ask someone to buy me a Globe Tattoo portable internet thingy for Christmas.

Another thing that would be great as a gift is Beyonce's Heat.

Like most celebrities, Beyonce now has a scent of her own. It's supposedly everything Beyonce is: spicy, sexy, smoldering, hot, blah blah blah..

She made it too hot, and now, her commercial has been banned from daytime UK Television.

The Advertising Standards Authority says

"Beyonce's body movements and the camera's prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts created a sexually provocative ad that was unsuitable to be seen by young children. We considered that the ad should not have been shown before 7.30pm due to the sexually provocative nature of the imagery."

Here, have a look-see:

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