Friday, October 15, 2010

Zefron is Insecure, Katy&Russel Adopt, and Something Oldschool

Not really super insecure, but as insecure as the next person anyways..

Though legions of ladies(and lads) may fawn over his perfectly quaffed hair, but he sure doesn't! He sings, he acts, he dances, and he's damn handsome, but just like everyone, he hates watching himself on the big screen. He has a "huge" head(that's what she said), and he picks out ever flaw he can see.

Let's help him out...what flaws do you see?

(simply disgusting. How can he even step out in public looking like that? [/sarcasm])

He isn't really suffering from a dangerously low self-esteem, but I know someone who can definitely make him feel better if he needs a picker-upper.

ready and willing

These two obviously make each other feel better, though!

Recently, the two have taken to twitter to TMI the hell outta all their followers--but it's cute.(tweet pics come from is grand

I also heard that they are preparing for a child that they are planning to adopt. Here's what Russell had to say about it.


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