Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Sched, Polls, And Other Stuff..

Hi guys!

You may have noticed the not-so-slight changes in RT recently. Here's the deal:

I have a new timeslot!

Afternoons with Inka from 3-6pm no longer exists. In its place is The Ad-Free 50, your 50-minute hit blitz from 1-4PM!

So from Monday to Thursday, I'll be playing 50 minutes of non-stop song after song every hour until 4! The only commercial break you'll hear is at the end of the hour, so you have more music time! Yay!

Also, we are now known as The Drive 99.5rt!

Let us know what you think about the new stuff! Add us up on facebook at and follow us on twitter at

Don't forget to add me up, too!

As for the polls...just a few little glitches I'm fixing :3

As for the other stuff?


cora said...

i was a bit shock on the new sched...

disenchanted kingdom and the sam and gibb show nagpalit ng sched... i both love those shows and even though i am happy bec i love disenchanted kingdom, i am a bit sad bec sam ang gibb show is on the morning slot...

Bwaaaaa said...

im kinda weirded out by the scheds actually.. why start at 7? isn't it kinda too late? i mean the 6 schedule kicked ass already... waking up to dk, then goin through traffic with the sago's haha :p but hey, i still love RT mamen! you really play the best music :)

cora said...

how about the rt30 countdown? its on 7pm too?

Inka said...

RT30 will still be at 6pm except on Oct.22 because we'll be having Ripe Tomatoes~! :D