Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lil' Wayne: Solitary Confinement, and a Brand New Earth??

Been trying to write my John Mayer experience, but you see, it surpasses words!

So I'ma just settle for giving you THIS!

Lil Wayne's been in jail for possession of firearms (BAD DADDY), and with just one month left til his release, he's been sentenced to solitary confinement. That means 23 hours a day, he'll be alone, no T.V., no music, and no social time. The only interaction he's allowed to have is ONE PHONE CALL A WEEK.


They found his iPod and the rest of his iPod accessories hidden in a potato chip bag. Tsktsktsk.

In other news!

Scientists found another earth! And so close by, too!

Named after the wife of the one who found it, planet Zarmina is just 20 lightyears away. Yes, far compared to a trip from Mandaluyong to Alabang, but in space terms, that's HELLA CLOSE. Like, SERIOUSLY. Scientists couldn't even believe that they found an earth-like planet this close to our own galaxy. With that discovery, the chances of finding yet another earth-like planet out there increased to SUPERDUPER (if you can understand what that means lolz), so we can't possibly be the only living thing in the universe.

  • bigger than our earth (3-4 times bigger)
  • ..has a 37-day orbit (happy new month!)
  • mos def cleaner!
  • ..can support life!
Check it out:

Looks alot like earth, doesn't it? Now, that sun is actually a red dwarf (Gliese 581) and Zarmina (Gliese 581g), is actually orbiting in the "habitable zone" with 2 other planets (Gliese 581c and d), but Zarmina is the most habitable one because there's a great possibility of it having water.

I'm excited!

I mean, although I won't be able to see it in my lifetime, I'd be glad to just know there's a place where humans can keep on living after we've destroyed this one with pollution. Let's hope we learn our lesson then, eh? ;)

But for now...COOL PLANET!! :D


Anonymous said...

aside from humans destroying earth, the sun is bound to EXPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE daw someday...scary... :(

cora said...

wow! as in super wow! what a great discovery!