Thursday, October 7, 2010

GLEE Trumps The Beatles, Renesmee Cast for Breaking Dawn, and We Say "Bye" to A Gordon-Levitt

Yeah, yeah, yeah, quit laughing, we get it. You think you're better than The Beatles.

Yep! The Beatles have been surpassed. For 46 years, they held the record for the most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 by a non-solo act with 71 songs. Now, these guys have claimed that record:


Thanks to Glee's Britney Spears episode, they have a one--or four--up on The Beatles. The bar has been set higher with 74 being the record for Most Appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 by a non-solo act. The Beatles made that record thanks to hits that were released from 1964-1996, the Glee cast broke it within a very impressive 16-month time frame.

The formula?

Take past and present hits, add a different arrangement, divide the elements among a good-looking cast, and watch the iTunes hits multiply. Very smart. That is the reason why EVERYONE loves watching Glee. Including me! :D So kudos to the cast! You go down in history this week. *thumbs up*


Any of you read the Twilight series?

WELL I DO so NO bashing hahaha!

But no, really..Yes, I've read it, and for those who have, the worry about finding the perfect Renesmee is finally over. Meet Mackenzie Foy:

Whew. I'm relieved.

Red hair? Check. Green eyes? Check. Fair, yet rosey skin? Check.

Congratulations to little Mackenzie Foy, the 9-year-old who was able to bag the role of Renesmee Carlie Cullen for the final installment of the Twilight Series. I'm honestly happy with what she looks like. Let's not be too excited, though, since she might not even appear in the first Breaking Dawn movie...and I say "first" because the book will be split into two, and Renesmee isn't born until the latter half.

How are they gonna make her mature, you ask?

Well, do you remember The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?(you should, we premiered it) That's exactly what they have planned for Renesmee's rapid growth.

Also, so far, we've got Rami Malek as Benjamin (Night at the Museum), and Maggie Grace as Irina (Lost, Taken).


In a sad turn of events this time around, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's older brother, "Burning Dan" just moved on to another plane.


Quotes taken from PopEater:

* "Burning Dan" taught flow arts, which he described as, "a combination of performance art and dance and meditation and yoga and sort of self-transformation, to give you a fun way of doing something that's really good for you and helps you be an even smoother, more awesome person than you already were," in a recent interview with PopEater.

The two brothers shared a close relationship, conceptualizing, an online community of artists and filmmakers, together and eventually seeing it evolve into a popular destination for creatives.

As Joseph's older brother, Dan beamed over the actor's success saying, "It's wonderful to be mistaken for him. He taught me to question the relationships other people have with their siblings because he would be my favorite person in the world even if I wasn't lucky enough to know him as my brother. He's just awesome in every way that I pay attention to. I ask myself 'do I love him because he's my brother or is he really that awesome?' He's really, really awesome." *

Here he is, awesome-ing the shit out:


:D said...

wow... the glee thing was unexpected... they're good, but i didn't think that they'll be that good... lol

oh and you've read the twilight series dj inka? waaa hehehe,i'm curious if they will be able to pull up the baby delivery scene lol

Bwaaaaa said...

@:D - argh not that haha :)) parang ang weird eh :)) wasnt really impressed with the movies >_< liked the book better... lalo na ung twilight!! it was effin bad... (sorry, movie sucked.. but i read the books :), yes im a guy haha)

anyway.........wuh! its that guy from night in the museum!!! hahah :))