Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, Cruel People

So, automatically, when the song that you love doesn't get enough requests to get into the polls, I have favoritism and I'm not updated. I love you guys so much ;)

You all are such lovely people!

Lemme set things straight..

All the other songs are on the chart because I get votes from the phone, textline, this website, and the yahoo messenger on my shift, and the other jocks get the votes during different times of the day. So it's not that I have favoritism or that I'm not updated, Thea and Joshua. It's that you guys are the only ones actively voting for Archie. I don't care about Linkin Park and Archie fans over facebook. If those thousands of fans aren't voting here, then they aren't getting in. If Archie is on the other countdowns on other stations, then they're obviously voting THERE, but they aren't voting HERE. If you want Archie to get on the chart so much, then get MORE people to vote.

If I had favoritism, then Charice wouldn't have debuted at number 1. I don't like Charice, and I don't like Iyaz. I don't like Sara Bareilles either, but she's in the top spots :p If I had favoritism, then the chart would look soooo different lol.

Tell you what, gather all your Archie fans and come over to the station. I'd love to meet you guys, Thea and Joshua and JJ. When you get to the station, I'll show you how I gather my votes so you see that I'm in to way cheating :) Anyone who comes to the station and asks, actually. I've had some Cookistas over and some Glamberts, too. They were soooo many! You Archie fans come to the station and we'll talk ;)


Okay, just to satisfy everyone, I'll put Something About Love on the polls so you guys can start voting for it. After a week (which is when I check the poll results to make the chart), I will take a screenshot of how many votes a few songs got just so everyone is informed.

Go, start voting!


This is both a bad and good example LOL

Bad because you HAVE to listen to RT hahahaha~! And it's a good example of exactly what I'm talking about. You have to get more people to listen to RT so more people can vote for your choice song. If this person listened to RT, then that'll be one more fan to add to the people voting for Archie, see?


Koji A. Iizuka said...

Well said. I love you, Inka!! :D

Inka said...

Woo! Hi koji!! :D

Anonymous said...

We support you Inka! :D

Anonymous said...

daym :)) haha, that was pathetic! saying that you have favoritism just because their songs weren't in the countdown :)) i just youtubed something bout love, it was ok but its not a WOW song.. (see, as a listener i think that song is just so-so) honestly i wont vote for it since there are other greater songs out there more worthy to be in the charts.. inka you rock! :D

rockchiq234 said...

It is disheartening to see fellow archie fans behave in a manner that offends other people, especially dj's.

I hope I speak in behalf of the fanbase when I say I'm sorry that you have been accused of favoritism and whatnot. Pardon the ~aggressive show of support from the fans, sometimes the young 'uns get a tad too overzealous - but supportive all the same.

It is my hope that you give this fanbase another chance to prove that we are better than this, and that majority if not all of us try to follow our "idol"'s lead - be nice; and that one, two or three fans'misdemeanor does not necessarily represent the entire fanbase.

The fanbase HAS visited other stations, and if you are friends with some of the RX jock's, I'm sure most if not all of them have positive things to say about us - and hopefully, in the near future (probably after a representative part of the fanbase has visited your station too) the same will be said about us from your end.

I'm from outside the metro, but i do tune in when I can via eradioportal. I hope the other archies who come across this would learn how important it is to read the rules, request nicely, and vote consistently.

Again, major apologies!

Inka said...

It's aright Archies! I didn't generalize because I know there are very passionate fans out there, and some of them tend to get immature (bad combination LOL), so it's understood. :)

I was actually thinking to myself one time, "Archie is just the sweetest boy ever, and he has some of the most rabid fans, too! Talk about a wide spectrum!" hahaha!

Apology accepted, thank you! And yes, please pass by soon! :D Same building and floor as magic, yes. And no, I don't post on the Cbox anymore 'coz there was an Impostor Issue once before :))