Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hey guys!

Yes, it's been a few days since I fault! You know when Murphy's Law is at work--anything and everything can and will go wrong. No wifi, can't connect, I get disconnected, blah blah blah :p


Yesterday? Much fun indeed. If you guys were in the 6750 area in Makati, then you should have passed by Starbucks because 99.5RT was broadcasting live over there :D It was pretty fun! I had so much fun, in fact, that I didn't mind boarding for 7 hours hahaha!


You guys do know about Kanye's breakdown on twitter, right? No? Well! What happened was that he was ranting in his tweets, then all of a sudden, it was almost like he had an emotional breakdown! Basically, he felt bad that harsh words like "Asshole" started being associated with his name. Type it out on google search and Kanye West will pop up. Now, Kanye West is a musician, and he makes music for people to enjoy them. Since that "I'ma let you finish.." stint with Swift, West feels like listeners can no longer fully enjoy his music because they associate his work with what he did. He feels like when people hear his songs, they don't think about the emotion or the inspiration behind it, they don't think about how this song can bring back some of their memories, or how this song can aid in imagining what their futures will be like. Instead, people think "Kanye wrote this song. God, he's such an ass for what he did to Taylor Swift."

Now, Kanye being an artist, he's distraught. Looking at it through an "artist"'s perspective, he just felt the need to express and not diss Swift. He said, "I'ma let you finish..." so his intent wasn't to disrespect her, but rather to be heard by his peers that his choice was Beyonce. Unfortunately, everyone can and did take it in the worst (and most obvious) way--he was seen as the man who slapped a little girl's ice cream cone to the ground.

He felt so bad, he wrote a song for Swift, and if she doesn't wanna sing it, then he will because the song is too beautiful to be left unsung.

His breakdown's bottomline? If you can no longer enjoy my music, then I will no longer make music.


During the recent MTV VMA's, Taylor Swift performed her new song "Innocent" from her new album "Speak Now". Many believe that the song was directed at Kanye West. Read up the lyrics:

"Lost your balance on the tight rope/it's never too late to get it back... Today is never too late to be brand new... Every one of us has messed up too. I hope you remember today's never too be friends with you....You're still an innocent."

To this, Trendeh says:
What say you? :)


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