Thursday, September 16, 2010

By the way

Try to be nice to each other, guys.

Just to clear things up!

1. The RT30 isn't biased. Songs get in the polls once they reach a certain number of votes because the space there is limited. And the more songs there are on the poll, the harder it is to look for the song that you want. I'm quite OC so I like it when things are nice and neat, and that is the reason why some songs don't make it to the polls :) But if you want that to change for your song choice, then you MUST get more people to vote instead of doing the opposite and giving up to vote somewhere else. That REALLY won't get your song in, right? Trust me, once you get more people to vote, you'll be surprised :)

2. The bulk of the votes come from this poll, but put all the phone votes, ym votes, and twitter votes together, and it still makes quite an impact. So vote as much as you can and as often as you can :)

3. Fighting really won't get you anywhere. Bad-mouthing other fan-bases won't make their song go down the chart. Claiming something is biased won't get your song in (next time, at least :p). Only way to get it in? Just keep voting :)

4. If your song doesn't get in this week, then vote for next week and so on and so forth! :)

I'm just a spectator. All I do really is just give you what you guys ask for in the way that the votes come to me. :)

Enjoy listening tomorrow! Lots of surprises in store :)

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