Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reviving An Old Flame

When I was younger, he sang in my ear, he stayed with me until I slept, and I felt like I could be safe in his arms forever ♥

Please, not Edward Cullen. I had someone else in mind.. :3

OMG Chester Bennington. I really wanted to marry this guy like no other. I loved his voice so much, I wouldn't remove the headphones. An hour after I bought Hybrid Theory, I memorized all their songs, I knew all their thank-yous and all that stuff.

I was INSANELY excited when they were here June(or July) 2005 and my kickass dad got us gold tickets to their concert. It was at the CCP open grounds. Such a memorable night it was. It was the night I first got my ass pinched(if ever you ass-pincher is actually reading this, I WAS A MINOR THEN YOU PERVERT. I HOPE IT WAS BETTER FOR YOU THAN IT WAS FOR ME), and it was the night Chester Bennington first looked into my eyes and smiled.


Remember that we had gold tickets, and back then, it was pretty close. I was just about 2-3 meters away from the stage where Chester was at, screaming his head off. I remember getting the wind knocked outta me 'coz a Hulk-sized slam dancer did what he did best--SLAM. Into me. Into a 16-year-old me. I flew back and crashed into my brother, but other than that and a few sweat stains on my shirt from the slamdancer, it was pretty cool. So yeah, anyway, what happened was that Mike divided the crowd in half. He said that when he points at one side, that side has to scream, and when he points to the other, that side will have to scream. I was bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean-I could NOT be contained! Mike pointed at my side. I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF. Mike pointed to the other side, and they screamed. I STILL screamed my head off. Everyone in my side looked at me, including Chester who was on stage right in front of me. Then he smiled. It was like my heart went into overdrive. Chester Bennington acknowledged my existence by smiling at me when I screamed when I wasn't supposed to. Now, I didn't draw this picture, but this was exactly what he looked like when they were here in Manila:

I had my own drawing of what he looked like, but I don't really draw so I'd rather show you the nicer looking one :p

I felt like I wanted to pee, but naturally, that wouldn't be very attractive, so I just smiled back..not that I wasn't smiling to begin with. No one could wipe the silly grin off my face since I found out my dad got us tickets, so my intention was to smile back even though I was already baring my molars to the world. It was just amazing!

Meteora was their latest album then, and I sent in the application form to join Linkin Park Underground--their official fanbase. It came with the album when I bought it. I remember filling it up while listening to track 6, Easier to Run. ♥ I'm sure I was pretty much distracted by how much I wanted to be Mrs. Bennington, so I'm sure I wrote the wrong address on it. I haven't gotten anything back from them :p but whatever. I still love me some Linkin Park.

So here we are now, new album coming out, and their single off Thousand Suns is already up on the polls, ready to be voted for.

In my journal, I wrote that it was one of the best nights of my life, and it still is. I can't wait 'til they get back here. I'm sure you guys wouldn't have any trouble getting this song to number one ;)

Have you guys ever watched Linkin Park live? :D Tell me about it! :D

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