Monday, August 16, 2010

PSA: No Cellphones for People Without Brain Matter

Hey, my loves! Hope your weekend was about as eventful as mine was.

You see, two of my friends and I were in a car, driving to my house. We were on the service road when we saw this guy on a motorcycle kinda swaying as he drove ahead of us. My friend Mikel was like, "Is this guy drunk?" And Jose said that the guy was just avoiding the potholes on the road 'coz there were so many. Then Mikel noticed that the guy was still kinda swerving and wobbling along even on smooth parts of the road, so I kinda squinted my eyes, looked closer and I saw that he was just driving with one hand.

"He's only got one hand!"

"No way!"

"He's only got one hand because..." Jose drove closer to the guy until we were able to overtake him. That was when we saw that he was, "TEXTING!"

The IDIOT was texting while on a freakin' MOTORCYCLE. I mean, you can already cause accidents when you text and DRIVE, and that's already in a 4-wheel vehicle that won't topple over when it isn't moving. THIS ONE, as you all know, only has 2 freakin' wheels. So what Jose did was once he got ahead of the guy, he started slowing down in hopes that Smart Biker Dude would bump our car instead of cause a major accident and hurt himself. So Jose slowed down over and over while we rolled our windows down. I was prepared to slap the guy behind his head for doing something so stupid if he passed my side of the car.

The guy on the motorcycle then noticed that we were trying to get him to stop so he put his cellphone away (THANK GOD) and began to actually drive properly. He moved to the left side of the car and just when he drove by Jose's window, Jos yelled at him, "Hoy! Magpapakamatay ka ba? Wag ka nga mag text!"

And this guy looked at Jos and out right flipped him off! Again, driving with just ONE hand, while the other was being so rude. As he zoomed past us, Jos began yelling profanities at him, to which Smart Biker Dude replied with another show of his finger.

I swear to god, we were trying to save his life (and prevent other people getting hurt) and he goes and does that.


Seriously though, I would have LAUGHED my ASS off if he wiped out while he was flipping us off. Then I would have gotten outta the car, walked right up to him, slapped (or kicked) him in the face and say, "YAN KASE!" (couldn't think of anything more badass to say :p)

Moron--er...Moral of the story?


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