Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dangerous Freudian Slip

Why does it always happen to me? lol

Seriously...there have been so many instances where I'd say something and I'd just end up beet red in the face.

Exhibit A: Nagaraya

Nagaraya was one of our bigger sponsors a few months back so we got alot of yums from them. On air, we'd read billboards for them and stuff, and to put extra effect, some of us would eat Nagaraya while in the booth. I'd eat Nagaraya while reading something about Nagaraya. One time, I choked. So I coughed, excuse myself, and said, "Sorry, I've got nuts in my mouth."

When I finally realized what I said, my eyes popped outta my sockets and I tried to save it. "No, no, I meant that I'm eating...I've got nuts down my throat." After that, I was just like never mind...RAAARRGH.

Exhibit B: Moddess

Moddess was gonna hold an advanced premiere for New Moon, so they had a little contest on air. They wanted girls to call in and answer the question, "Who do you like better--Edward or Jacob?" First caller gets two tickets to see both of them shirtless in the movie before anyone else does. So I started the spiel, basically telling people what they had to do. I gave a little example:

"Who do you like better--Edward or Jacob? Personally, I like Jacob, but I kinda like Edward better because I like my men hard." And again, right when I said it, I kinda pressed my hand against my forehead and tried to save myself. "What I meant to say is that, you know, Edward is hard and I like know, 'coz he's a vampire...."


Exhibit C: Pineapple/Problem with Gibb

Last night, I stayed in the booth with Gibb to keep her company since Jos was still at work. So as her co-host, I helped her with reading some stuff off the yahoo messenger while she manned the board. I was helping her figure out how to read a message from this guy who really needed to go back to gradeschool and re-learn pronouns ("may crush me"). He was telling us about how he was having trouble approaching this girl he likes because she's always with her group of friends.

"Just go up to her and say hi!" said Gibb.

"Well," I started. "I read somewhere that men tend to be intimidated by the tightness of a girl's..." I paused and seriously thought about the word that was just at the tip of my tongue. Possy? Ah! "..clique." I finished. Gibb was looking at me like I grew another head. "What?" I asked.

"What did you say?"

Then, again, I realized what had come out of my mouth. "Clique! I said 'tightness of a girl's CLIQUE!"

Then Gibb went on telling me that I had to shut up before I said anything else lol.

Oh boy. I hope this doesn't happen when Jason Castro's around.

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