Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Going To Make This Simple

I felt like I had to make this post because there are SO many peope out there who feel like they can be rude to me and call me names just because their favorite song isn't on the countdown yet. 

So to the people complaining, asking me so many questions, here are your answers:


My Answer: I DON'T DECIDE WHAT GOES ON THE COUNTDOWN. A countdown is a show that counts ALL YOUR VOTES and lines the songs up from the SONG WITH THE LEAST VOTES (#30) TO THE SONG WITH THE MOST VOTES (#1). ALL the votes are from YOU. NOT FROM ME. I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but she was on the countdown. I am not a fan of Charice Pempenco but her song DEBUTED AT NUMBER 1. I like Slash and Van Halen, but you don't see their new songs on the countdown, right?


My Answer: Again, this is a COUNTDOWN show. If people don't vote for it, then it won't pop up on the list. Sometimes, songs take some time to grow on some people. That means that they might not like it at first, but after a while, they end up wanting to hear it so they start voting for it. That's also why sometimes it takes so long for it to get on the show.

Also, 99.5RT has a playlist of set songs. If it's not on the playlist, it will not be included in the countdown even if it gets lots of votes.

I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF THE PLAYLIST. My BOSS is in charge of the playlist. I don't have any control over what plays and what gets on to the show.


My Answer: Refer to my answers above.

Sorry for all the caps. I'm not screaming hahaha. I just wanna make sure you all see everything.

Any more questions?


Plengski said...

hahahaha some people just don't know what's happening around them...

Anonymous said...


I like the current 99.5RT. I also hope RT doesn't change it's playlist style.

Anonymous said...

To the people that listen to the radio, these stations are like restaurants as well. They kinda like have specialties. So before you choose a station choose your type of music and check on whether they play your kind of music first before you start complaining! Would you expect an Italian restaurant to serve Kare-Kare then complain about it coz they don't? Coz if you would then just stop listening to radio, and limit yourself to eating at home!

Anonymous said...

stupid anonymous. search the archives moron. I've been listening to this countdown and station more than you do that's why I'm so pissed because they become cherrypicking. this became a fabricountdown. ha ha

Anonymous said...

no, you are the stupid anonymous. You didn't read the topic. They aren't cherrypicking, they are just counting the songs that are currently on their set of playlist.

Even if you vote a song for a million times, if it's not what they play, it still won't appear on the countdown...

iyak ka na lang

Anonymous said...

facepalm-ed at every stupid question. Why do they even bother listening to the radio? If they don't like what they hear, they create their own radio station. As for me, I look forward to the top 30 list every week, coz that's when I get to update my playlist! :D More power, RT! Keep on rocking! :D

Inka said...

Mr. Anonymous,

If you've searched the archives, then you will notice that we used to have dance tracks and hip hop tracks on the countdown. Then all of a sudden, gone!

You, sir, have not observed "cherrypicking" on a "fabricountdown". You were just an unknowing witness to a format change within the station. We used to play everything from mashups, to dance, to trance, to hip hop.

Upon the order of the powers-that-be, our genre became alternative, and then became adult contemporary--which is why you hear U2 and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Hope that clears everything up.

TheRainMaker said...

It's 99.5 RT guys. People like us, loyal to the station and who listen to stuff fresh off the music makers' oven, don't go with the trends. Dead fish swim with the current. This is the basic reason why I stick to 99.5 RT.

And please, don't put all the blame and hate on miss Inka. She's doing her job to the best of her abilities and to the limits of the station. If you don't like what you're hearing, then turn off your radio. Peace out.

bwaaaaaaaa said...

99.5rt is seriously epic... fell in love with them when they played kids in love - mayday parade. Its because of RT's unpredictable playlist that they lead me to discover bands like M83, foster the people, oh land etc..

on a lighter note, i know who TheRainMaker is :3 hahaha!

more power inka! 99.5 is awesome-sauce!