Thursday, January 12, 2012

INKA: I have to tell you all something..

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I blogged on this thing. Mostly, I use this page now just to keep you all updated on the charts, and even that's inconsistent and I do apologize for the delays. You see, folks, I FREAKIN' BROKE MY LAPTOP (netbook, actually).


Well, not really broke it, but I kinda downloaded something that looked like anti-virus but was actually a WORM that infected my entire drive, and I only have one, so it's not like I can just reformat everything and start from scratch. I actually have to REINSTALL my OS. UGH. It's a good thing my netbook came with the OS so my key is stuck to the back and everything. Just gotta buy the CD.

So yeah, fixing that now.

Right about now, I'm supposed to be at work but I'm not. You see, for those of you who didn't know, I didn't go to work for 2 weeks (basically from the end of Nov til the 2nd week of Dec). I've heard from many a band I've interviewed that there were MANY theories regarding my disappearance.

My dad said that I was getting an operation so I can become a cyborg.

Never The Strangers, whose song is currently on the charts goojab, told me when the passed by that they heard that I got married! Actually, they congratulated me first, and I was really confused as to why they did. I thought they congratulated me on a job well done because I conduct kick-ass interviews or something (heh). Then PJ said that he heard that I got married. Well, I didn't know I got married! lol! They also said that people were saying that I got pregnant, that I got an abortion *GASP!*, and--to go in the complete and opposite direction--some people said that I gave birth via C-Section.

Guess what, rumor mongers, THAT AIN'T TRUE. And I use wrong grammar just to emphasize my point.

This is what happened to me:

November 27, Sunday, I was moving some furniture around the house when I felt intense pain from my lower abdomen. I couldn't walk or even stand, so I took a really strong pain-killer and then I was rushed to P'que Medical's ER where they told me that my ovarian cysts might have twisted. Because of the pain meds, I was able to go back home that night.

The next day, my mom accompanied me to see our doctor. She said that I had to undergo some usual tests (blood, pee, ultrasound) to determine if it really WAS a twisted cyst(er LOL), or something else. Blood tests showed I had high infection in my system already, so they were deliberating whether to admit me or not because I seemed fine. Then after a few moments, the strong pain killer I took the night before started to wear off, and within a matter of minutes, I was in pain again and I couldn't stand anymore. I had to be wheelchair-ed into a birthing center where they had an ultrasound machine at the ready. They did the ultrasound and saw that the cyst that was in my ovary wasn't there anymore, and instead they saw blood. Apparently, the pain I felt was the cyst bursting and they had to get the rest out before the did the same thing. At 9pm that Monday night, I was wheeled into the operating room.

I woke up 4 hours later with a scratchy throat (they shoved a tube in there so I stayed asleep), pain in my abdomen (because they cut it and put a camera through my bellybutton), and really high on anesthetics. Whew.

I stayed at Asian Hospital for 2 days, then rested at home for 2 weeks :)

Today is my post-operation check up with my doctor to make sure I'm a-okay. I feel okay, though, so it's no big.

There, that's all that's been going on with me recently. My laptop (or netbook, whatever) will be up and running soon enough. That means I'll start blogging again. And god knows how much I love to shove what I think down people's throats :3

Much love!
Inka :)


Don said...

Congratulations Inka you have earned friends around the world and tell you about all ...

OneBigDude said...

Glad to hear your ok...take care Inka doo ;-)