Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do I Have To Make Myself Clear Again?

Oh, deaf and blind am I?

How's your amnesia?

Just a little reminder to everyone visiting the site:

My name is Inka and I tally all your votes every week, and I host the 50 Minute Hit Blitz and The RT30 Countdown.

99.5RT has a SET PLAYLIST, something that I seem to have to keep mentioning EVERYDAY when people call. That means that I have no say on what goes in to the RT playlist.

If your favorite song isn't on the polls, that means it's NOT on the RT playlist YET OR EVER.

If you want your song to get on the PLAYLIST so you CAN VOTE for it so it can qualify for the countdown, then talk to my boss about it. Let's see you call him deaf and blind.

There's a lot of hard work that goes into this job that I am very passionate about. I'd appreciate it if you would NOT call me names, David Archuleta fan.

This actually already happened before, and I had to "explain myself" exactly like this. Then some of the older David Archie fans actually apologized and said that some of the younger fans get carried away and forget to respect people. Yeesh, that kinda fan gives the rest of you a bad rep. Tsk.

To the rest of you--happy weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

I humbly apologize for my fellow Archie's who forget to use their cyber class!

Anonymous said...

you really don't have to explain..just ignore..

Anonymous said...

Barubal na Archie fan heheheh XD

Anonymous said...

Nalimutan ang netiquette at votiquette....XD

Anonymous said...

My comment had no intentions of being an explanation. There is much said in the cyber-world that shouldn't be said. IMHO. Thanks!