Saturday, March 26, 2011

World, Meet James.

What is a James?

According to the Urban Dictionary, James is:
..People with the name James are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.

e.g. "Oh Yeah, he's definately a James."

Pictured: James

But my definition would be: Fil-Am young man with a natural talent for wit and conversation. Can sing, dances when he likes the song, and does street fighting a.k.a. fighting on the street with his shadow from the streetlamp. He likes hip hop, too. And he answers the phone (6330995/7060940).

I had already met James before, and when I did, I thought, "Hey, there's potential here.", so after a while, I used my powers


And it hit him!


And it engulfed his mind so fast, he didn't even have the time to react properly.

And with my powers, I fused his abilities and mine to create the new breed of RT30!

Now, every Friday, you get to hear him give the 30 most requested songs of the week with me!

Tune in every Friday from 6-9PM!

World, meet James!

EDIT: What I love about all the pictures in this post is that ALL of them haven't been edited in ANY WAY. Cheers to the Canon IXUS, which I won in the RT Christmas party raffle :3 Lucky Inka is lucky :3


Anonymous said...

jeez, he's a cute guy. :) hahaha!

Inka said...

Ahahaha! Yeah he's adorable :))

Katrina said...

Hey, I've seen him around! Yeah, I'd say he's a pretty good looking guy ;) Ahaha!

Inka said...

Hey katrina! Yeah i'm sure he's exactly your type ;) hehehe