Friday, November 12, 2010

New Songs, Miley Cyrus Gets Crotchy, and A Glimpse of Ke$ha's Hot Bod

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Yes, I know I haven't been posting much.

Bad Inka.

I don't know man..I love posting about random stuff!! And I love writing, and I especially love that you guys LOVE reading what I put up. Been feeling under the weather, I guess--a sickness called LAZY. LOL.

But no really, been feeling sicky, so in honor of that, we've got more Miley Cyrus news! Ahe..

She's been getting soooo much crap lately from the public about many things like her underage drinking in Spain, her sexy music videos,

her performances

but is it just her way of letting go of the ache in her chest?

As you all know, her parents are getting a divorce because her mom was allegedly fooling around with Bret Michaels :p Now, Miley says that for her 18th birthday, all she wants is for her whole family to be together. That's all good and everything, and really sweet, but more than anything, I'm thinking about her 18th birthday--the portal to the adult world, and since we're talking about Miley, I'm worried about what the word "adult" can mean :p

Now, I just got word that there was a recent encounter with the supernatural in the Cyrus household with Miley directly involved.

Watch this video of Miley Cyrus' exorcism:

One thing I don't get, though, is that Miley Cyrus is exactly Taylor Momsen's age, but they're not giving Taylor Momsen any crap about her boob flashing so much :p

Then again, she really isn't much of a role model for kiddies to begin with.

Let's see what she has to say about that:

Oookai, nevermind.


On a side note:

Ke$ha SO HOT!!

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