Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glee! on GQ Too Sexy? Let us know what you think!

So we all know that Glee is set in high school and everything, but we also all know that the actors are well above the legal age.

So have you guys seen these shots?

I like Finn, but I really feel like squishing his face here

They've been all over the web and personally, I think it's damn sexy hahaha! Especially Lea Michelle, who looks unbelievably sex-bomb-y. What I like about this shoot is that it's an exaggeration of their characters on Glee. Rachel, who wants so badly to be noticed and to be in the limelight wears pumps, knee-high socks, and panties and is ALL OVER Finn. Finn, who can't decide between the girls (from what I know anyways, I mean, I haven't even finished the second half of the first season--NO SPOILERS PLEASE) has a hand on each, and Quinn, the sexy cheerleader, is exactly that but more.

Thing is, some people started to freak out about it--mostly parents who thought that, since Glee is a show about under-age highschool kids, the shots were bordering on pedophilia. Lots of people were talking about how, in context, the pictures were disgusting.

On the other hand, lots of other people are saying that the shots were great and that other people just don't get that they are actors and that they shouldn't take it seriously. One guy even jokingly said that this was bad because pre-teens always read GQ(they don't :p).

What do you think, though?

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