Thursday, September 23, 2010


Charice on GLEE was A-MAY-ZA-ZING!!

So much so that she receives an extra syllable!

She's adorable in this Telephone cover:

and just AWESOME in Listen:



Bwaaaaa said...

i have nothing against charice, but watching this episode and her Listen performance.. i found it reeeeaaaallly funny when she does her singing and dancing haha! you know those movements she does with her hands haha :)) the telephone song on the other hand rocks ass! wow! :D

cora said...

the telephone duet with lea michelle is epic!! just disappointed that sue stopped it!

cora said...

...and the LISTEN part is so AWESOME! so sad that she ended up in vocal adrenaline! i thought she will be in new directions!

Bwaaaaa said...

@ cora: yeah, i mean i just started watching glee.. *honestly i kinda thought that it was gonna be a HSM kind of thing, to my surprise it wasnt*.. i wanna see more of that blond cherio haha! the one who's always clueless :p