Friday, September 24, 2010

New Entries This Week: Bus Stop (Francis M&Ely Buendia), Neon Lights (Rico Blanco)

..Like We Used To (Rocket To The Moon), and Radioactive (Kings of Leon).


Enjoy their songs, here are a few videos for you to watch. While you watch them, don't forget to vote for them!

Bus Stop by Francis Magalona & Ely Buendia

Neon Lights by Rico Blanco

Like We Used To by A Rocket To The Moon

Radioactive by Kings of Leon


Bwaaaaa said...

i really like rocket to the moon's "like we used to" too bad youtube pulled down the music video. it was really good too :( anyway, i was looking for the piano version in youtube but cant find it.. i wanted to share it here cause it's really good *tears* haha! joke lang haha! pero its really good! :)

Inka said...

nice! I'ma keep an ear out for that one ;)