Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World's Biggest Band, A Death In Hollywood, and Young Lady Gaga!

Okay, yesterday didn't want me logging on so I couldn't post anything, but at least now, I'm able to give you guys more than just one bit!


You know this lady?

Her name is Gloria Stuart and you may know her as the sweet old lady from Titanic. Well, she died last Sunday. She was 100 years old.


From a band that started out as a joke to mock the other goth bands in a competition, Muse is now a strong contender for World's Biggest Band! I mean, there's U2 and everything, but they're currently on a tour hiatus until next year and it seems like no other band can come close.

Read more about it here!

Now, I was surfing around for a bit and I found some old (or young) pictures of Lady Gaga back when she was still going by Stephanie Germanotta.

So tell me!

Do you like Stephanie Germanotta better?

Or is it Lady Gaga who stole your hearts?

Vote here!

1 comment:

cora said...

lady gaga is stylish...i like her better..

the other her (stephanie) is so boring, ...she look like ashley tisdale on one photo(close up)and so ordinary. that's why maybe she changed her image...