Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Idle Judges (yes, I meant that)


Since the first season, I've always wondered why Paula Abdul was a judge at AI. My dad always tried to justify it by saying she came out with so many songs in the 80s and everything. Yes, she did, but personally, she sounded like a mouse and she was a MUCH better dancer (although I do like Opposites Attract and Straight Up).

Then came the season where Kara DioGuardi joined the judges (okay, fair since she did write songs and she is the Executive Vice President of Talent Development, Office of the Chairman for Warner Bros. Records) and although it was odd for me for a while to have 4 judges instead of 3, they grew on me as a group. AND THEN. Paula Abdul left (or was kicked out) to be replaced by none other than, well, Ellen DeGeneres. I LOVE Ellen, but an Idol Judge? Again, odd. Ellen neither sings nor does she dance, so it was just pretty odd for me **shrug**.

So, fast forward to now, everyone except Randy is gone and they're all replaced by *drumroll*

->Inside are Simon, Kara, Paula, and Ellen.

I feel like she's another Paula Abdul (better dancer than she is a singer....although I did like All I Have--her song with LL Cool J), but what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

as AI wouldn't be the same without Simon Cowell, i don't think its good , for now, that the 2 female judges are also gone. i heard that AI auditions are on going. who are the judges if they are in need of new ones?