Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cbox Replies!

Hey guys! Time for another round of Cbox replies..'coz things are getting interesting in there..

Chuck, I was actually just about to post it!! :D
Robot boy, YES, LPFTW
Kriz, vote for his songs! They only disappear because of the lack of votes. Maybe you can tell your friends to come over here and vote, too :)

Oh wow, hi guise :3 you are still human, so even if you're on the chart, your votes will still be counted as one :p hehe

There you go! See! This is what makes a number one song.
Farmer_girl, I think I know who you are! I miss you, too :D

jj, it's the only countdown without Archie 'coz Archie doesn't get enough votes :) Remember! It's not my choice to put songs in the chart. ALSO! There have been many songs that have gotten in the countdown without having to be on the polls, like this week's new entries (the catalyst, teenage dream). This is because although the polls is where we get the majority of the votes ('coz it's easier for people to just come here and click), we also record votes through twitter ( and, the hotlines (6330995/7060940), the facebook (, and the yahoo messenger (dwrt_fm). So Archie not being on the chart really is a result of lack of votes. :) Just spread the word and let all your friends know that you want him on the chart. :)

Keep on posting messages, guys! :D

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