Friday, August 13, 2010

Cbox Replies!

Hey guys!

Another round of replies for you :D

The Isabella song is a sponsored song, so it's on the log and we can't do anything about that one hehe

Will add King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles on the polls in a bit :D

Oh wow! A David Archie song! :D

Thanks for all the compliments guys! It makes me feel good :) Cuss words, however, are being ignored LOLz

And wow! Yes, I did used to volunteer! You used to volunteer with me? Awesome! Are you still volunteering? How are the kids? What does Munting Paraiso look like now? I heard they re-painted it :)

Don't Waste The Pretty by Allison Iraheta is a good song! But she has another song on the playlist that was added to the polls and lots of people have responded to, so you can vote for that one :)

Ninong Charles! Is that you? :D heehee! Thanks ninong charles :D See you when you get back! :D


Keep on posting guys! I'm just here, reading :D

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