Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Are The Only Inception

Soooooo! INCEPTION was premiered by 99.5RT last week and it was A-MAY-ZA-ZING!! The whole dream thing is what I'm super into and just seeing the things that I'm normally able to do when I'm asleep was pretty intense! The whole time watching, I thought I was going to get a panic attack--the thought that I could get stuck in a dream within a dream within yet another dream was pretty scary, because I have at least 5 dreams a night (that I can remember, that is), and these dreams span days!

Yes, this is fiction, but it's based on fact! MY FACT!!

Ahh, it was awesome.

And I'm proud to say that it broke records :> Other than garnering $60Mil, it got 6million pounds in its opening weekend in the UK!

Woo! Go Leo!

My favorite characters were Gordon-Levitt and Paige ;)

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