Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cbox Replies

Hey fellas!

Since the Inka Impersonator incident, like I said, I've decided to reply to all your messages through blog posts (it worked! No more impersonator LOLOLOL). Keep posting messages, I love reading them :D

Glamberts, yay! IIHY is finally on the polls and the countdown, yes :D My pleasure to serve you :3 And he's coming over! Yes he is! Hopefully, I get to meet him like I did Jason Castro ♥

sinner27, halloo! There aren't any OPMs on the countdown because people have to ask for them first :) Ask for a current one, and I'll gladly put it in for you. Since not alot of people seem to know that you have to ask for any CURRENT song for it to get in, I'LL get it started ;) I've inputted Red Heaven by General Luna so you guys can start voting for it. If you want other OPMs, then gooo! :)

To those afflicted by the BieberFever, I've just added Never Say Never so start voting away! Before then, his song Baby didn't get enough votes and dropped out, so this is your chance to get him back in there! :D

RT30 happening this FRIIIDAAAYY!! So stay tuned and see (hear? :p) if your favorite songs made it to the top or dropped out. Woo!

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