Friday, February 26, 2010

Fanboiiiii :D

One of RT's pioneer OJTs (Adel) and I were in the production room at the station when he told me about this sweet little story.

John Mayer was at Philadelphia last February 21st where an 11-year-old boy named Austin who sat in the front row held up a sign asking John Mayer if he could play "Belief" with him. John Mayer called him up on stage, gave him one of this guitars, a pick, and they jammed together. After the performance, John Mayer signed the guitar he gave Austin with a dedication that said, "To Austin. You Rock. Keep playing. See you at YOUR show."

Austin had been learning Mayer's songs for over 2 years, and he learned "Belief" for his mom JoAnne, who was there in the front row, too. The two of them had to be escorted by bodyguards through the fans cheering for them after Austin performed.


Reminds me of when I met Michelle Branch years ago the first time she came to the Philippines. She signed my guitar and said that I should keep playing 'coz when she comes back, she and I would jam. Pfffffffftttt RIGHT!! I knew she was just saying that, but it still felt good can just imagine how Austin felt :D

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