Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Musical Guilty Pleasure

I LOVE J-Rock.


I love Japanese rock. Especially Camui Gackt.

Gackt is ♥

This is a live performance of his song Cube. I watched his concert on dvd with a friend of mine. His older brother went to Japan and got some dvds for us so MARATHON ♥ this was years ago, but I still remember it being a pretty good day.

I get really aliw with Japanese rockers. They take it soooo seriously. Like, so seriously, they really get into it. It's part of the Japanese culture, I guess...one of my favorite parts of their culture. Watching a J-rock concert is much like watching a surreal play. Everyone on Gackt's stage is choreographed, including his band. I'll try to look for this video of one of his concerts where they were ALL in costume, and every strum of their guitar was choreographed. Pretty cool.

This is what I mean by them really getting into it. This was Gackt in his former band, Malice Mizer:

See the pretty one? The one in blue in the first picture, blue hair in the second, and the one with the blue lipstick in the last? That's Mana, Malice Mizer's guitarist and Gackt's "love team" (there was always this weird sexual tension in the air when they'd get near each other). Without all the make-up and the fancy clothes, he's really hansome.

Yes, HE.

Also, in the last picture, this is where SquareSoft (SquareEnix now, I think) got their inspiration for Squall Leonhart. Just a little trivia there for you :D

Now you see the resemblance? :D

This is one of my favorite songs (if not THE favorite song) from Gackt. Tsuki No Uta (Ballad of the Moon, if I'm not mistaken :p)

Aaaaand this concludes the little peek into my geek life hehehehe. :D

Off to work!

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