Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallywood Holloween (LOL)

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Happy Halloween, my loves! How did All Hallows Eve (trick or) treat you?

I went to the beach and had an awesomesauce of a time. I got really dark, too. I'll post some soon, but for's time for a long-overdue post! Haven't entertained you in a while! Or at least tried to :p

So, we weren't the only ones dressing up. With all that money, hollywood dressed up like it always does.

We begin with a special mention. Amanda Seyfried went as a cute little doggie, very unlike her Mean Girls character Karen:

Another special mention, we have Leonardo DiCaprio of Titanic and Inception fame!

Just because I think this costume is awesome.

Tina Fey combines fun and shameless plugging to form SHFLUGGING!

She dressed up as her Megamind character, Roxanne Ritchi(source).

Maybe Lea Michelle had enough dressing up for a while? If anyone can tell me what the hell she's supposed to be, please feel free :P

If the devil looked like Steven Tyler, then I wouldn't mind popping in to say hi for an eternity or two. And maybe stay for one cigarette.

Mommy Gwen Stefani as...catwoman?

Michelle Trachtenberg as a 5/7-year-old pageant princess

Ciara as...Storm..?

And a VERY special mention goes to milk&chocolate couple Heidi Klum and Seal, who went as Mr.Freeze and...erm...Android Jessie from pokemon? Anyways..GOOJAB!!

Boob grab.

Okay, enough special mentions. To start, allow me to quote a famous movie:

So, let's see what Hollywood churned out this year!

INKA'S TOP 10 SLUTTIEST (or "most sexually-charged" for political correctness) COSTUMES IN HOLLYWOOD, HALLOWEEN '10!!

At #10 is the lovely, curvy Kim Kardashian with a skin-tight catsuit--literally a catsuit, too. Yes, it's almost like Ciara's Storm(?) costume up there, but Ciara just looks like she's out to scare people. The newly 30-year-old Kim, on the other hand, looks like a cougar on the purrrrrowl.

You'd think that she'd show up as a kitty cat or something, but Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzy gets the #9 spot for her...costume. At first, I thought she was a sailor with the whole shorts and top thing, but then she added that little Victorian Tophat and that just got me stumped. She's on the list because I just felt like she has to be, and when you're wearing less than Kim Kardashian, that kinda says something...I think.

Mizz Christina grabs slut--er--slot #8 because I just love her dark aviators, her*furrykitty* red lips, and her blonde bombshell hair--the perfect accessories to her sexy policewoman costume. Or she's probably a pilot, I'm not sure. Either way, it says "You've been a very bad boy/passenger. I might have to take you downtown/to the cockpit and teach you a lesson/give you a free pass to join the mile high club."

Wow, what a mouthful :p

(that's what she said)

Kim K. makes a repeat appearance and she's at #7 with her Queen of Hearts costume. I know it isn't that's actually kinda cute, but you see, when your intention is to sexify the garb of a children's book character, then you automatically land on the list, which then brings me to..

Holly Madison! Hugh Hefner's girlfriend--before he dumped her for a pair of 18-year-old twins who each had a pair of 18-year-old "twins", if you know what I mean (winkwink*nudgenudge). Holly finds herself at #6 for her lovely rendition of an age-old Disney character, beloved by many children all over the world--Sleeping Beauty. This costume is actually more fitting for Anne Rice's version of that tale, except Beauty never really wore any clothes in that trilogy.

Avast, me hearties! We stumble upon yet another Kim kostume, and this time, her buccaneer bosoms were responsible for dropping her anchor at #5. Let's see.. thigh-high leather boots? Check! Corset? Check! Boobs pushed up and together? Check..check! Aaahh..gotta love this one. I want her boobs--BOOTS. I mean boots.

At #4 on this little countdown is the sizzling Carmen Electra in, what I think, is a lion tamer's costume. With what she's wearing, it's just right that she's in the top 5. Shiny top, fishnets, bowtie, boobs saying hello. I love how it's so appropriate since she might have to be fighting off a few alpha males with a whip. Rawr.

My! What big breasts you have! Finding herself in the clutches of the big bad wolf, Little Red Riding Kim says hallu. Or rather, her boobs do. The higher up the chart she goes, the higher her hemline rises and the lower her neckline drops. Because of that, she's at #3.

We haven't heard from this lady in a while, which is why it's funny that we get wind of her now! Ashanti makes it at #2 with her cat costume, because first of all, it's obvious why--she looks like she went through Kim's laundry and cut it up into little pieces. Like I said: when you're wearing less than Kim Kardashian, that kinda says something, and it's almost exactly like Kim's costume, except that it had a run-in with a pair of scissors.


Jwoww? Why Jwoww? Observe:

The blood-red pumps.
The knee-high socks.
The plaid red schoolgirl skirt.
The suspenders over the anti-modest white polo top.
The shiny push-up bra that barely covers her implanted breasts.
The naive and innocent facade of her pigtails contrasting with the naughty smirk on her face.
She is Jwoww, the naughty schoolgirl, and that is why she is at #1.

Happy (Belated) Hollywood Halloween!!